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Why is help is needed not only for children with autism, but also for their parents?

Having a child with autism can put stress on the parents, and a frequently cited statistic leads to a common perception that the divorce rate among these families is as high as 80 percent. Receiving the news of a child’s autism diagnosis can be devastating and the pain is compounded as a parents ponder what will happen to them. They don’t know what the future holds for their child, and feel a sense of hopelessness about their future. Parents with a child with autism experience more stress than parents with typically developing children.
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Project "Autistic Assistant"

There are many applications for children with autism, and rightly so, but few people think about the parents of children with autism, their prepare and the reduction of the stress level of feelings about a future unknown life with an autistic baby.

Project “Autistic Assistant” is intended for parents of children with autism, as well as people caring for children with autism.

Project “Autistic Assistant” is a virtual reality application that helps parents relieve stress, understand how to act correctly in a particular situation with an autistic child, as well as gain experience and take the first steps towards their beloved autistic child.

For the first time, wearing virtual reality glasses, the parent will undergo a training course that allows you to understand that with autistic children you can enjoy life if everything is done correctly. The purpose of the initial course is to relax the parent as much as possible and prepare him for further education. The course describes the capabilities of a virtual reality application, and also personalizes the application for a specific user.

After setting up the virtual reality application, the parent is in a virtual room with a virtual child, an autist and an assistant. And the process of preparing the parent for interaction with the child in a playful way begins, which removes stress as much as possible. The parent meets the child. You can interact with the child, i.e. he reacts to certain actions, user sounds, you can feed him touch. A variety of situations will be played out, such as playing with a child, as well as various situations with possible seizures or deviations in behavior. First, in the event of a non-standard situation, several options for further actions will be given in an interactive form with an explanation of the correct option. The gradual involvement of the parent will also remove unnecessary stress. Codes will be assigned to different situations in order to better remember the correct actions for a certain behavior. In the future, the user will be able to disable options for actions and perform actions directly with a virtual child. Make the right and wrong decisions to bring the right actions to automatism. The assistant will train and prompt the user with the correct actions. Thus, the user will be able to understand how to act, remember and bring to automatic actions, thereby reducing the level of stress in front of the unknown.

A virtual child will constantly self-learn and adapt as a specific parent / user, which will allow to achieve even greater involvement of the parent and even more prepare for communication with his real child in life.

The possibilities of the virtual world are practically unlimited in the creation of rooms, places, and various situations, including lifting a child from bed, eating, traveling by car, going to shops, going to nature, playgrounds and many others.

Users will be able to choose the level or degree of autism, appearance, age of the child and other parameters. Therefore, this application will be useful for parents who already have an autistic child, because over time, the behavior of children changes and at different ages, these children have different levels of development and socialization.

In our studies, we actively use the ABA data of therapies, and are also based on the data presented to us by the parents of autistic children.

We want to have the opportunity to consult with you in the future if you can provide the contact details of specialists who are ready to assist us.

In the future, we plan to expand the possible application of our application for children with other features.

I hope that the project will help these families and provide additional experience and information 

K&K Accelerator CEO Dmitry Khadizyanov