Going to the dentist with an autistic child.
A visit to a dental clinic is accompanied not only by fears associated with new people, but also by strange sounds, tastes and sensations, bright lights and sometimes pain.
Visiting the dentist is never a pleasant time, but parents and dentists can take some steps to prepare the child and the dental clinic and get a positive experience from the visit.

How to make your visit as painless as possible.

It is important for parents to know that not all dentists are good at dealing with children on the autism spectrum. It is probably best to choose pediatric dentists, but even so, you need to ask around for recommendations, talk to the dentist, and visit the clinic in advance.

Here are some questions to ask:
• Do you work with children with special needs?
• How do you deal with childhood anxiety?
• Are parents allowed to stay with their children during the visit?
• What do you do if your child’s behavior makes your work difficult?

Please evaluate the answers carefully.
Ideally, the dentist should have experience working with children with special needs and should provide specific answers to your questions about anxiety and how to manage your child’s behavior in this case.
He must also allow the parents to stay with the child in the office during the appointment.

Please note that tying a child to a chair so that he remains motionless is not at all the choice to be made (unless it is about immediate assistance)!
Even if it works once, then dental visits will cause severe stress for the child in the future.

To be continued.

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