Nowadays, you can meet children with autism everywhere. When this happens, not everyone knows yet what to expect and what to do and what not. Autism, more precisely the autism spectrum disorder (ASD), is a developmental feature that affects behavior, social and communication skills: in a person with autism, they may be completely absent or look unusual. On the spectrum, there are children with profound autism as well as those you would never think of as having autism.

Moreover, for the same person during his life, some skills may appear and others disappear. For example, some people with ASD don’t speak at all – instead, they may use picture cards. The other, on the contrary, will talk a lot and repeat, especially on a favorite topic. A person with autism may behave in an unusual way for others: shake their hands, walk on tiptoe, scream, mutter to themselves, and even beat themselves in a stressful situation. When encountering this behavior, avoid judgment and curiosity. But also do not be afraid to make contact, if necessary. First, see who accompanies such a person. People with autism are usually close to someone close to you – he will tell you how to behave with this particular child.

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