Leaving the home, especially to a new place, can cause severe stress in a person with ASD. This does not mean that children with autism have to stay at home: they are just as interested in going to theaters, museums or movies as we all are. But most of the places and events are not at all adapted for them: the light in the museum may be too bright, in the movie theater it is too loud, and the performance may be too long. And just to get somewhere, people with ASD need to overcome an obstacle course: there are many people in the same metro, and they can be unfriendly. It is in your power to help special people feel more comfortable – just be considerate and calm. But be aware that sensory overload can cause a child with ASD to have a breakdown that they cannot control. It can be an outburst of emotions, and, conversely, a complete shutdown – when a person kind of closes up and stops reacting altogether. In such a situation, do not try to somehow influence him, do not ask questions, do not shout or drag by the hand. Your best bet is to help him find a quiet, secluded place to relax and recover.

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