our application is intended to involve in an interactive process with an autistic child, to show the correct actions by example of specific situations and to make your life with an autistic child happy.

Rewaring the parents is hard, if you are doing it manually. Get it fully automated with our app.

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What Our Parents Say

Instead of having us talk about ourselves, why don’t we see what our clients have to say.

This is a great application, but I regret only one thing, that my child was growing up with out it.
Parent of Autistic Child
I myself am a programmer and I do not know why I myself, when faced with a similar problem, did not come up with the same solution.
Parent of Autistic Child
The training application is very useful for many parents. After all, it is better to learn with a virtual child, and not to cripple your own.
Parent of Autistic Child

About our team

Our great app is being developed by our team of professional digital agency K&K Accelerator programmers. Our main goal is to create effective digital products that meet the needs of the industry where they are involved.
We believe that our activities should bring people happiness and make their life easier. That is why we participate in and are the main driving force behind the autistic assistant project.
K&K Accelerator CEO Dmitry Khadizyanov 

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"Together with the application, we will be able to be more collected, focused and spend more time loving our children."

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Get updated with the latest stories and tips about how parents share their experience and our specialists model situations and discuss the most correct decisions